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When you become a member of AFI Nidhi Limited, you are allotted one share of Rs. 10 only. But this gives you a right to participate in the management process of the organization through the A.G.M. you can otherwise also post your suggestion for improving the functioning of the Company. Our Company Functions like a well-oiled machine and we understand each other so well that we have spontaneously started treating our members as part of AFI Nidhi Limited. Because of the avowed objective of the initiative when we committed ourselves to ensure welfare of our membership through financial support we are improving the standards of life and rendering all possible technology driven financial services under one roof

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  • AFIM Limited and AFIN limited are one of the leading strategic Micro banking consultant and business facilitator in India.
  • We produce strategic infrastructure for Banks and financial institution to reach at unreached segment to execute micro banking with secured lending and huge profitability.
  • Bank start lending in micro banking BOP customers through our process, product and technology.
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